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After-Work activities

Hike up Klet mountain 2019


This day at 15:08 the group of 7 braves from Sinop SMP reached the peak of local mountain Klet. The tradition was maintained. We found snow, but nothing blossoming.

The beer tasting in the craft brewery Solnice


We visited the craft brewery Solnice in Ceske Budejovice. After the guided tour we devoted us to tasting of local craft-made beers.

Bike trip up to Klet mountain


We had a great trip in the beautiful nature up to Klet mountain. The weather and the team spirit were excellent.

Team challenge in pull-ups


The volunteers from Production Preparation department wanted to challenge themselves in team pull-up challenge. Everyone had two attempts.

The dragon boat race Lipno 2018


We have been participating in this race since 2016. This year we were a runner-up among the companies. This success was instantly celebrated with a team bath in lake.

New Year’s hike up Klet mountain


It is already a tradition to start the New Year with a hike up to the highest peak in the surroundings. The views are usually stunning – unfortunately this time it was not the case.

The Christmas Sinop derby 2016


We have our Sinop ice hockey team and every Christmas a derby between Sinop CB and Sinop SMP takes place.

Half marathon Ceske Budejovice


The track was narrow and fast, the weather was beautiful and cloudless and aside the track lot of our colleagues and friends were cheering and pushing us beyond the finish line.