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About Us History



We purchased the CNC Panel Bender Salvagnini.
We have the third laser welding cell by TRUMPF.
Number of employees totaled 210.


We build the III. stage of our premises in Homole.
We operate the seventh press brake TruBend 5230.
We broke the record of Jan Kareš in pull ups – as a team.


We acquired our fifth CNC machining center by firma Hermle.
We introduced programming software CAM ESPRIT into the manufacturing process.
We recorded video “Two days in SINOP SMP”.


We put into operation the punching machine TruPunch 5000 S12.
We started with deburring of metal sheets on our new machine Weber.
We began the tradition of the Christmas hikes on top of Kleť mountain.


We built a new production facility in Homole nearby České Budějovice (I. and II. stage).
We have two overhead cranes in the shop floor No. 2.
We have added the fourth laser cutting machine.
We reached 187 mil Kč in turnover.


We found company SINOP SMP s.r.o..
We bought the third welding robot Motomann.
In the sheet metal fabrication remained 120 employees.


We implemented the production planning software TruTops FAB.
We have the second electric press brake TruBend 7036.
For our soda makers we developed and produced “Saturator “of own construction.


We are utilizing the first fiber laser for cutting of thin stainless steel sheets.
We bought the first robotic laser welding cell by TRUMPF.
We have the first CNC lathe MAZAK Smart 200M.


We bought our first CNC machining center MAZAK VC Nexus 410A.
We put into operation our first electric press brake TruBend 7036.
We manufactured our third machine for bending of thin-walled stainless steel tubes.


We started with machining – we bought the lathe SN50C.
We organized the first season of cooling technology seminar TREND.
We overcame the consequences of the economic depression quite well.


We put our first welding robot Motoman into operation.
Our turnover was 360 mil Kč.
We began the tradition of Sinop running events –the first run was on 8.8 in Včelná.


We put into operation our first laser cutting machine TruLaser 3530.
To step up in the quality standards we bought a PUR foaming machine.
We have our own company ice hockey team.


We installed a powder coating line by firma Galatek.
Due to a rapid increase in production demand we acquired the second press brake Trumatic 5000R.
In SINOP CB there are exactly 100 employees.


Press brake Trumatic 5000R was put into operation.
We started to use the informational system INFOR ERP VISUAL.
We established a sheet metal department.


We have 3 m press brake TrumaBend V1300.
The whole company has turnover of 270 mil Kč.
We started to support local ice hockey team.


We built a new production shop floor at area of 1800 m2.
We assembled 6000 beverage coolers.
72 employees have gathered at the Christmas party.


We launched production on punching machine Trumpf 2020.
We started to design in 3D CAD software SolidWorks.
For the first time we have attended the exhibition for cooling technology IKK in Nürnberg.


We purchased our first machine for metal sheet bending – press brake HACO Euromaster 25100.
We built a new shop floor for assembling of beverage dispensers.


We established company SINOP CB a.s..
We manufactured our own machine for bending of thin-walled stainless steel tubes.


We manufacture 26 types of beverage dispensing machines.
We have initiated communication via e-mails.


We built our headquarter with administration building and shop floor in Litvínovice.
Since this year we have been taking part at BauBeviale Expo in Nürnberg.
This year we assembled 2000 beverage coolers.
On 15.12.1998 we registered our domain www.sinop.cb.


At the Pivex INTECO fair in Brno we were awarded for our product – portable beverage cooler Anta.
We assembled 1200 beverage coolers in this year.
We utilize a network server with the processor Pentium Pro. 64 MB RAM and two drives SCSI with 36 GB.
We have 30 employees.


In the rented basement we assembled the first beer dispensing machine.
We installed the first central chiller.
We purchased the first cellphone Nokia 2110.


We have established the company Sinop s.r.o.
We purchased automobile Škoda Favorit.
We are 10 in staff
Our annual turnover was 40 mil Kč.