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Bending with Press Brakes

  • Custom manufacturing as well as large volume production
  • Software simulation of bending feasibility
  • CNC programming of press breaks
  • “Z” bend, flattened hems and radius bends
  • Bending flexibility thanks to 6-axis backgauge
  • Maximal bending length 3000 m, maximal sheet thickness 8 mm

CNC Folding

  • For high volume production, but also for smaller batches
  • Automated bending process
  • Automatic correction based on the measured sheet thickness
  • Automatic correction based on the measured value of spring back
  • High precision and repeatability
  • Maximal bending length 2180 mm, maximal sheet thickness 3 mm/li>


  • Individual and serial production
  • Rolling on the plate rolling machine with four actuated rolls
  • Roll diameter 70 mm
  • CNC control
  • Feasibility to roll intricate elliptical shapes
  • Maximal work length 1040 mm, maximal sheet thickness 2 mm

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